About Us - I Stand With Ahmadis

What is # I Stand with Ahmadis

After the recent attacks on Ahmadis in Jhelum, we have said enough. We are a group of Pakistani rights activists, and members of the civil society, who have come together and decided to launch an initiative for the equal rights of our fellow Ahmadi citizens in Pakistan. We believe that everyone must be afforded equal rights as promised by the founder of Pakistan, the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

As such, the State-sanctioned persecution of Ahmadis and the denial of their basic religious freedom is an affront to the very founding principles of our nation. We do not have to agree with their beliefs to ensure the rights of Pakistan’s five million Ahmadis. The discrimination they face is shameful and is a blot on our sense of morality and on our international reputation. It must end. Your voice can make a difference.

We invite you to support the #IStandWithAhmadis campaign and help us steer Pakistan back to the ideals that it was founded on, namely equal rights and protection of all citizens of the State. We thank you for your participation.